OBI Wifi Adapter


IP phones and Analog Terminal Adapters (ATAs) require a network connection. LAN
cabling in the office or the home can be expensive to install if not already wired. Wi-Fi
networks are practically everywhere today. Poly USB Wi-Fi adapter enables USBequipped VoIP adapters or VVX phones (models with USB ports) to connect to the
Internet over a Wi-Fi network. With the Poly Wi-Fi adapter, you have the freedom
to place your VVX phones or VoIP adapters anywhere within range of your Wi-Fi
network. Deployment tip—if you are using the WiFi adapter to connect your phone or
VoIP adapter, these devices are typically powered by Power over Ethernet (PoE). So, if
you are not plugging into a wired LAN with PoE and are instead using the USB Wi-Fi
accessory, don’t forget to also order the appropriate power adapter to power your
phone or VoIP device.

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