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Comprehensive, cutting-edge features

Opt in to over 50 different features, and get custom features coded for your unique business.


Budget-friendly, pay-as-you-go pricing

Our accessible pricing model makes us a smart choice for small- and medium-sized businesses.


Customer Service that’s actually human

Reliable service is built into our business. Our agents know your name—and your needs.

Their words, not ours

Excellent Service! Highly recommend

Victoria Yoffe

Exceptional service, highly efficient, and continuous guidance! Came highly recommended and we would definitely recommend for others.

Isreal Friedman

Amazing service! I have absolutely no complaints. I heard about Reliable PBX through a friend that is extremely satisfied with the quality of service they continue to receive. I rate Reliable PBX 5/5 stars and would recommend to anyone.

D&L Management

Reliable is the best and most “reliable” phone company! They have exceptional and professional customer service and very fair rates.

Social Club House

“I made the switch and I wish I’d done it earlier.”

Josh Klein

Features you didn't know existed.

Our robust suite of features is smart, seamless, and constantly evolving to suit your custom business needs.


Unite your team with DISA (Direct Inward System Access) Interconnectivity

Communication is seamless with DISA, which allows users to access your phone system from external sources. Cell phones and home phones are a part of your office system – no internet required.


Place calls from anywhere with Advanced App Technology

Our phone system mobile app keeps on-the-go employees connected to the office. Choppy internet? Our superior technology doesn’t need much: just establish the call and you’re good to go.


Stay safe out there with System Encryption

Worried that uninvited intruders may access your phone calls? Reliable PBX keeps your conversations private and data safe with advanced encryption technology.

Make the switch.

Customers who swap their national phone company for Reliable PBX love us. Here’s why.


We’re the neighbors you never knew you had.

We’re local, so you’re swapping endless phone transfers and outsourced call centers for our human customer service and on-site help whenever you need it.


No downtime while you’re switching over.

Worried you’ll lose days of work? We have you covered while we help you transition to our service, so there’s absolutely no downtime and missed business.


Our welcome gift: A free professional recording.

Give your business a first impression that’s optimized for customer conversion. We offer all new clients a professional voiceover recording for voicemail and IVR.


No hidden fees or surprise must-haves.

While we offer high-quality, affordable phones and routers as a convenience, we will never make customers purchase our devices to receive our services.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Once we submit a port request, it is up to the losing carrier to release the number. This varies from under 24 hours up to a week. We can usually tell you as soon as we submit the port request.

At Reliable PBX Corp we work hard to prevent downtime. Under normal circumstances, your downtime will be less than a minute and we can schedule it before or after business hours. To ensure zero downtime, you can request a temporary number to which phone calls are forwarded while we program your phones. This can also help you if you are eager to get the new system up and running, but your number has not ported.

Most recent bill from your current provider
BTN- billing telephone number if diff from one we are porting
Account number and pin
service Address
Authorized name on account
Address where the phones are located for E911

Yes! We offer Efax, or you can buy an adapter for your regular fax machine.

Yes! You can either use our mobile application, or you can ask us to set up a DISA. With DISA you can dial out even with a simple phone or Landline phone. Please open a ticket to request this feature.

Yes! You will be able to record the conversation even if the call gets transferred.

Yes! You can dial ##EXT# to blind transfer the caller to any extension, or you can dial #*EXT for attended transfer. 

Need Phones?

Bundle your system with the phones we recommend to all our clients–and use in our own office.

Got phones already? Keep ‘em! We work with your devices, too.