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Phone Features

Used mainly in retail or warehouse applications, paging utilizes overhead speakers to communicate in large spaces. Or, create a paging group to page multiple extensions at once.

BLF, or Busy Lamp Field, indicates the status (idle, ringing, or on call) for each phone on your system. Monitor extensions, speed dial employees, and park calls with clarity and ease!

Call Pickup allows you to answer another ringing extension from your phone. This can be accomplished by pressing the BLF for that extension, or by Feature Code *2[EXT] (*2102).

With intercom, you can add a door phone that can ring multiple extensions simultaneously, forward the call to a mobile device, and unlock the door remotely. You can also intercom with another extension by Feature Code *3[EXT] (*3105).

Don’t have assigned workspaces? Enable employees to access their extensions from any desk. With virtual extensions, users can log into the phone at their desks. To add a phone to a virtual extension, dial *45[EXT] and *46 to remove it.

Unable to answer a call? Park your calls to give other agents the opportunity to answer the call. Parking lots can be monitored via BLF.

Unify your company and make communications seamless with a shared phonebook. Just upload your Google or Outlook contacts directly to all of your phones. You can also route contacts to different destinations.

By default, a parking lot return will return the caller to the agent that parked the call. Clients have the option to specify where the call should forward to after a certain amount of time.

Customize ringtones to distinguish call status. Identify whether a call is transferred, an internal call, or from a queue by having distinctive rings for each.

Alter Caller ID allows you to dial out with a different caller ID. This feature is especially useful if you have a weak cell signal but still want to dial out from your cell phone number.

Keep uninvited intruders out of your phone calls. At Reliable PBX, all calls are automatically encrypted to keep your private conversations private.


Organize your voicemail with separate voicemail boxes, such as feedback, after-hours, and business hours.

Send voicemail recordings to your email, along with time, date, and Caller ID.

Forward voicemails to voicemail boxes. Get an automated SMS when you receive a new voicemail. And give callers who reach your voicemail the option to be routed elsewhere.

They say it, you read it. This convenient feature transcribes voicemails and emails them to you in text format. (Premium Feature)

Add a BLF (Busy Lamp Field) to any voicemail box to check if there are any voicemails.

Call Routing

With Conditions, our clients are able to route their calls based on the time of day, the day of the week, the month of the year, and more.

Have your customers get connected directly to the agent they previously spoke to without having to go through all of the prompts.

Call forwarding allows our clients to forward a call unconditionally to a different phone or extension. Forward calls remotely via our WEB Interface.

“Find me follow me” is a feature that allows calls to ring to an extension and mobile phone either simultaneously, or one after the other, without the caller knowing that the call is being transferred. Advanced options include Confirm to Answer, CID Prefix, and more.

Have a call ring to all or some extensions. Advanced features include Confirm to Answer, Cycle, Skip if in Use, and FMFM.

Have incoming calls directed to extensions that are the least busy. Route the caller to a different department if all of the agents in that queue are busy. Receive email notifications when a caller abandons a queue.

Dial By Name Directory allows a caller to reach an agent by their name. This custom-coded feature enables voicemails to be a part of the Dial By Name Directory. Don’t want every extension to be reachable? Just remove it from the Dial By Name Directory.

DISA allows callers to dial into the company and receive a dial tone to dial outbound. Cell phones and home phones are a part of your office system – no internet required. This can be done via code or phonebook.

Save time and money. IVR, or interactive voice response, allows phone systems to process voice waves during a telephone call. Have a virtual receptionist answer questions for callers and route them to the right department.

Alter your caller ID in special situations. If you want to see which number the caller pressed in the IVR, you can set up the caller ID to show what they pressed.

Up your customer service. Have the system call back your callers instead of keeping them impatiently waiting.

With this feature, a caller is prompted to record their name. This gives agents the option to block the caller or simply not answer.

Add unwanted callers to a company-wide blacklist.

Transfer a caller back to a different extension even after it was transferred to your mobile phone.

Record incoming or outgoing calls, stop and start recording, and email the recording once the call is complete. This feature keeps recording even after the call is transferred to a mobile phone. (Premium Feature)


Send and receive SMS/MMS via email or the Reliable PBX app.

Change or add BLF buttons on your phone remotely via our web interface.

Have callers dial into a conference with advanced pins and manage the conference.  We offer many queue options including, an option to record, join users muted, etc.

An advanced realtime wallboard lets you monitor queues.

Every account will come with a default MOH, but customization is possible. You can upload your own music or stream from an online radio station.

Dial a group of numbers simultaneously and play a pre-recorded message. You can also opt to connect the caller to a queue or agent.

Run reports for queue statistics, IVR logs and CDR records. Reports can also be scheduled to run automatically.

With an intuitive dashboard, you can assess calls made to and from your company in a single glance.

Add a user for any extension so that they are able to change phone settings, as well as retrieve voicemails.

Available in your portal, our custom email templates, such as onboarding emails, let you further automate client communication.

Set up two-factor authentication to protect your account from unauthorized access.


Send your fax via email, and the recipient will receive it via their fax machine.

Still getting faxes? Skip the machine. Have your faxes delivered to your email. 

(We also offer adapters to receive faxes via fax machine.)

Need Phones?

Bundle your system with the phones we recommend to all our clients–and use in our own office.

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